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Loops Single Mask


Made in South Korea, LOOPS masks are effective because they’re made with leading skincare technology, high-quality proven ingredients, and rigorous dermatologist reviews! 

Clean Slate: Everything you need to cool down after an intense workout, a day in the sun, or when your skin craves a deep cleanse. Clean Slate is deeply purifying and super hydrating.

Double Take: Before big events for a major glow! Double Take has brightening, pore refining, calming ingredients to help provide your skin with an extra glow 

Weekly Reset: Takes a comprehensive approach to preventing and treating the signs of aging. Weekly Reset helps rejuvenate & stimulate collagen & deeply moisturize.

Sunrise Service: Targets the effects of late nights and early mornings so you and your skin look awake and alert. Sunrise Service combats post-sleep dryness, brightens skin, and helps protect against free radical damage.