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Ranger Station Roll On


Personal roller-ball perfume from Ranger Station, a high-end fragrance brand inspired by the North Woodlands and the rich, earthy scents found in nature. High-quality fragrance and essential oil blend, hand-mixed in Nashville, Tennessee.


Two Trick Pony 

-Base: amber, ambroxan, woods, and musk

Tobacco + Musk
- Top: white pepper, cardamom, star anise
- Middle: sandalwood, teak, musk
- Base: pipe tobacco, clove, amber

- Top: bergamot, charred sage, pine
- Middle: cedar, violet, damp earth
- Base: red amber, moss, tonka

- Top: ambergris, papyrus, cedar
- Middle: amyris, clove, cardamom
- Base: amber resin, musk, sandalwood

- Ambergris/ SandalwoodTop: ambergris, papyrus, cedar
- 50% of every purchase from Daisy + Cowboy: A Perfume Collection by Lauren Akins also gives back to Love One International, an incredible organization that provides life-saving medical care to children in Uganda - a cause that's near and dear to Lauren.